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Hammam Havlu

Collaborating with Nick Holbrook and Hammam Havlu to create an online presence and shop. The site needed to promote the luxury handmade ethical approach that underpins the company and its approach whilst creating a shopping experience that enables the easy purchasing of the product. 


Hammam Havlu – Front Page


Hammam Havlu – Category Page


Hammam Havlu – Product Page

Taylor Made Media

Working with Taylor Made Media to develop their visual identity and branding through closely working together and creating a set of image assets, presentation templates and a new wordpress website.

Taylor Made Media – Homepage

Taylor Made Media – Video Page

Bernard Chandran

Collaborating with Bernard Chandran and a team of developers to create a website that showcases Bernard Chandran’s collections, ideas and thoughts.


Bernard Chandran – Collections


Bernard Chandran – Enlarged Image from Collection


Bernard Chandran – iPad Front Page

Bernard Chandran – iPad view of Bernard’s Brain section


Bernard Chandran – Bernard’s Brain Desktop

Boom Bust Boom

Terry Jones explores the instability of our economic system. Working with Justin Weyer and Made Visual, this website is designed to be easily managed and updated whilst providing a quick insight into the film and its ideology.


Boom Bust Boom – Homepage


Boom Bust Boom – The Film

Tom Conran Restaurants

Working with Nick Holbrook and Tom Conran to create a set of websites for Tom’s businesses. The sites use the circle and grid as the basis for navigating and viewing the content. The content then gracefully changes depending on if the site is being viewed on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone, whilst all being managed via a Content Management System (wordpress).


Tom Conran – The Cow – Homepage


Tom Conran – Lucky Seven – Homepage

mark wells smash design - tom conran - crazyhomies

Tom Conran – CrazyHomies – Homepage


Tom Conran – The Cow – Menus


Tom Conran – The Cow – Map


Tom Conran – The Cow – Reviews

Shift London

shiftlondon.org. A website run by final year BA Fashion Journalism students (this year has a cohort of about 50) and is published every week. The students have roles of: journalists, sub editors and editors, whilst staff have the final sign off.

The process follows a workflow that enables a flexible approach for students to sign in from anywhere and upload content whilst all with a clear process of editorial control and sign off. What is important is the role that the students play in the process of the development and creation of the site. 


Shift – Frontpage


Shift – The whole of the Frontpage

Shift – Category Section


Shift – Article

_shift mobile article

Shift – Article Mobile View

Manuel Vason

Working in collaboration with Manuel Vason a series of websites have been developed to promote his work and projects. This is a combination of a space to promote his collaborations, archive and any news of ongoing and upcoming projects. 


Manuel Vason – The Photoperformer


Manuel Vason – Art Exchange


Manuel Vason – Exhibitions


Manuel Vason – Post

Daou Jewellery

Working with Gem Kreatives to create a new online shop and website for Daou Jewellery. From concept to launch, this involved working closely with both Gem Kreatives and Daou Jewellery to create a brief for the website, build and set up the CMS and to give training in its use. Along with the visualisation and customisation of the template.


Daou Jewellery – Homepage


Daou Jewellery – Product Category



Daou Jewellery – Product Page


Daou Jewellery – Timeline


Daou Jewellery – Mobile View of News


Creation of Gemologue an award winning jewellery blog by Liza Urla.

GEMOLOGUE is a multicultural jewellery blog that is all about beautiful images, creative styling and personal reflections on various jewellers and their collections.

GEMOLOGUE signature styling and gemming has led to various collaborations with established and emerging jewellery designers.


Gemologue – Homepage


Gemologue – Homepage

example article - ON_THE_STREET...HOLLAND_PARK_-_Gemologue

Gemologue – Article

Segue – iPad Magazine

Fashion Journalism Magazine app available as a free download on the Apple App Store. Segue is a magazine designed to celebrate graduates achievements and is given free.


Segue – Home Screen


Segue – Articles

Segue – Article

Volt Café

Volt Café has been designed to be a dynamic site that works on any format, easy to navigate & able to display larger format images. Volt magazine has always been very image-led & they strive to maintain the same high quality on Volt Café.

Volt magazine is a labour of love showcasing highly original content brought together by a group of photographers, stylists and writers united in their desire for creativity and authenticity. Volt Café endeavours to bring the audience features & interviews with established fashion designers, artists and filmmakers.


Volt Cafe – Homepage


Volt Cafe – Article

Volt Cafe – Video Post

Volt Cafe – Video Post


Volt Cafe – Online Store selling print and digital editions

Gem Kreatives

Gem Kreatives is a creative boutique with a tailored approach to the jewellery industry. This website was a collaborative approach with GemKreatives to create a website that can be managed by themselves whilst also creating a visually engaging site that showcases the services that GemKreatives offer.


Gem Kreatives – Project Page


Gem Kreatives – Service Page


Gem Kreatives – Jewellery Projects

Volt Illustrates – App

Collaborating with Volt Magazine to produce a special edition iPad app called ‘Volt Introduces’.

‘Volt Introduces’ 10 young artists who were commissioned to interpret ten editorials from Volt 14 into a vision of their own, using illustration, film, animation and photography, with illustration as the focal point.

Volt App – iPad Portrait Article

Volt App – iPad Portrait Article

Volt App – iPad Portrait Article

Volt App – iPad Landscape Article

Volt App – iPad Portrait Article

Volt App – iPad Landscape Article