I work as a techy designer, lecturer and researcher. I have a philosophy that helps form my fundamental principles for design and education.

These are as follows:

  • Design can make a difference; Design can make things work better
    Form and Function, both have beauty, but they need each other, perhaps emotionally functional is a more appropriate term
    Challenge, yourself and others. “A sense of curiosity is nature’s original school of education” – Smiley Blanton.
    Creative Passion, believe in what you do.
    Values, stick to what you believe is right and wrong.
    Variety, never stay still , draw on a range of sources for inspiration, constantly strive to learn and improve
    Space, give yourself space and time to reflect
    Question, Listen, Understand, Facilitate. Go for a walk for ideas not a wander through Google Images. “Think with your mind, Forget Technology. Creativity is not device dependent” Bruce Mau.
    Forage, Deep learning, the answer is not in one place
    Empower, further your inquisitive nature, be independent and take ownership
    Sorry, admit when you are wrong and learn from it, we often learn more from mistakes than success. “Fail, Fail and Fail again better” S. Beckett.
    Environment, everything that surrounds us influences us, look after it, care for it.
    Collaborate, share, grow, the seemingly impossible will become possible.
    Create for others not for you.
    Seriously, chill out, do not take yourself too seriously it is silly and boring.
    Process, have a process, change that process, adapt the process, change in time and for projects
    Balance & harmony
    Change, this list will change, as we change and develop

Let’s work together

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